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Stay up to date on the latest For Elephants news and the efforts of people around the globe supporting elephants.

Tag Archive: wildlife park rangers

The process of counting African elephants


Learn the strategies used to survey African elephant populations. 

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Updated: How African elephants impact the environment


This is what you need to know about the elephant ecosystem. 

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What is ivory?


Here is what you need to know about ivory. 

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Five of the biggest baby animals


These are some of the biggest babies in the animal kingdom!

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How For Elephants helps zoos


Check out some of the ways that For Elephants helps zoo across the country. 

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Why do elephants get so big?


This is why elephants get so large! 

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Updated: Why African elephant populations are declining


Learn the four causes of African elephant population declines. 

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Elephants and migration


This is the migration pattern of elephants.

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Updated: Elephant FAQs


Here are the answers to some of your most asked questions about elephants!

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Four must-watch wildlife films on Disney Plus


Watch these four wildlife documentaries on Disney Plus.

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