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Tag Archive: why are elephants so big

Animals that have trunks


Learn about other animals that have trunks and how they use them to survive.

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Three things shortening the lifespan of an elephant


Learn about three things that are affecting the lifespan of elephants.

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What can an elephant’s trunk do?


Learn about elephant trunks and what they can do.

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Help the wildlife this Earth Day


Find out how you can help the wildlife this Earth Day.

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Four animals with tusks


Find out what four animals have tusks and how to save them.

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Six facts about African forest elephants


Learn six facts about African forest elephants and how they are different from other elephants.

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Updated: Why do elephants knock down trees?


There's a reason why elephants love trees and knock them down! 

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Where can you find elephants?


Here are the places where elephants live in the wild.

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Updated: Six facts about an elephant’s eye vision


Do you know these six facts about an elephant's eyesight?

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Can an elephant have twins?


Learn about how many babies elephants have at a time. 

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