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Stay up to date on the latest For Elephants news and the efforts of people around the globe supporting elephants.

Tag Archive: female-led animals

Updated: Why do elephants knock down trees?


There's a reason why elephants love trees and knock them down! 

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Where can you find elephants?


Here are the places where elephants live in the wild.

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Updated: Six facts about an elephant’s eye vision


Do you know these six facts about an elephant's eyesight?

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Can an elephant have twins?


Learn about how many babies elephants have at a time. 

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for elephant lovers


Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas. 

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Animals that need your help in 2022


Check out this list of animals that are close to extinction. 

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How long is an elephant’s pregnancy?


Here is how long an elephant's gestation period is.

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Five things to do all year round to help wildlife


These are the five things you can do this year to help save wildlife.

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Can elephants run?


Here is our take into if an elephant can run.

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What happens to zoo elephants during cold weather?


Learn about how zoo elephants stay warm during winter. 

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