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Stay up to date on the latest For Elephants news and the efforts of people around the globe supporting elephants.

Tag Archive: donate to save elephants

Scary Facts About Elephants


Get spooked by these scary African elephant facts. 

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Updated: African elephants’ role in Africa’s ecosystem


Learn about the role and importance of elephants in the ecosystem. 

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Four animals you can find Africa’s rainforests


Here are four animals living in Africa's rainforests that need your help.

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Top conservation strategies for African elephants


These are the conservation strategies being used to save elephants. 

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25 facts about elephants


Do you know these 25 facts about elephants? 

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Four ways to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day


Here are four ways to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day!

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Why it is important to understand elephant pregnancies


Learn about the importance of understanding an elephant's pregnancy.

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Updated: The anatomy of elephants


Here are the basic anatomical features of an elephant. 

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Five of the world’s strongest animals


Learn about some of the world's strongest animals. 

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Four facts about Asian elephants


Do you know these Asian elephant facts?

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