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Stay up to date on the latest For Elephants news and the efforts of people around the globe supporting elephants.

Tag Archive: conservation status vulnerable

Artificial intelligence and elephant conservation


This is how artificial intelligence is helping save elephants!

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Four ways elephant dung is used


These are the four ways that elephant dung is reused!

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What is a vulnerable species?


Take a look at what a vulnerable species is and some animals that listed as vulnerable. 

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What does endangered mean?


Learn what "endangered" means and some animals that are listed as endangered. 

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6 facts about an elephant’s eye vision


Here are six facts about how elephants see.

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World Elephant Day


Here is why you should celebrate World Elephant Day!

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Updated: The Role of a Bull Elephant


Get to know the bull elephant! 

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Updated: How long do elephants live?


This is how long elephants live and what is shortening their life expectancy.

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5 Facts About How Elephants Sleep


Here are an elephant's sleep habitats. 

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National Zoo Keeper Week


How zookeepers help wildlife and assist For Elephants with African elephant research. 

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