The elephant population around the globe continues to decline due to illegal poaching. How can you help this species from anywhere in the world? 

Why elephants are poached

Elephants are some of the largest land mammals on our Earth today with complex thinking and consciousness, along with a strong understanding of family and emotions. However, elephants all over the globe are poached each and every day. This is a grave danger to this species, and because of this, elephant conservation has never been more important. 

What does it mean to be poached? 

Poaching can be defined as illegally killing wildlife or any animal for food, pleasure, ivory, fur or more. One main reason that people poach animals is for rare products, such as ivory and fur. 

In a broad sense, hunting and poaching mean the same thing but one major difference is that hunting is legal in countries. Every country has different regulations for hunting which make sure that it is all done safely without harming any endangered species. You need a license to hunt and if you do not then it is considering poaching. 

The reasons why elephants are poached: 

One of the main reasons that elephants are poached is because of their ivory. Despite the international ivory trade being banned, they are still being poached in large numbers. Their ivory tusks are used for ornaments, jewelry, billiards balls, piano keys and other items that humans enjoy.

Another reason elephants are being poached is for their skin and meat, this is most common in Asian elephants. Unfortunately, this is done at random and is used for medicinal products, jewelry or furniture. Male, females and calves are all in danger. 

How this has impacted their populations 

When an elephant is poached, it affects their population and it can take decades to recover the population, which affects the ecosystem that they live in. In 2011-2017 poachers in Mozambique killed 90 percent of the elephants. During 2018, 90 elephants were found dead in Botswana, where the anti-poaching policy was lifted. In the early 1900s, you could find millions of elephants in Africa, and sadly there are only 700,000 today. 

How you can help 

If you want to help with elephant conservation, the first thing you can do is support the ban on trading ivory. Nothing is better than seeing an elephant in person, but it is important that you do not disturb their natural habitat. Join For Elephants on our next expedition and get the opportunity to help with hands-on research and take steps to help save these beautiful creatures! 

If you are the kind of person who likes to admire from afar, then you can donate! No amount is too little, anything helps. At For Elephants, all donations will go towards research for elephant conservation. You can also purchase our t-shirts, we have sizes for the whole family! 

Wearing the For Elephants shirt can help bring awareness, another way that you can help elephants is to share your knowledge! They are large beautiful animals and contribute so much to our environment! There are different types of elephants, they help defend against climate change and have an amazing memory

If you would like to get involved with saving elephants then contact us! For Elephants speaks for elephants! We go to schools, organizations and businesses to share our research and our passion for saving elephants from extinction. Contact us today to learn more! 

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