Welcome to our website! We're For Elephants! An organization that is dedicating it’s time to the survival of the world’s African elephants through research, conservation and education. 

Who is For Elephants?

When you hear someone say elephant, what first comes to your mind? You probably think of them being grey, large and having trunks. What many people do not think of when they think of elephants is their declining rates. 

Over the last decade, elephant populations have declined by 62 percent. The decreasing rate of the world’s largest land mammals is due to many things like poachers and loss of habitat. If we do not stop the decreasing rates, we could see these magnificent creatures go extinct. 

Who is For Elephants?

We’re an organization that is dedicating it’s time to the survival of the world’s African elephants through research, conservation and education. We are striving to prevent the elephants from becoming extinct and invite others to join us! 

Meet our founder

This organization was founded by Dr. Kari Morfeld. She studied in elephant reproduction, welfare, health and conservation specializing in Wildlife Endocrinology at George Mason University with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Her work consists of developing and implementing practical methods to promote reproduction, health and welfare of elephants in zoos and in the wild. By utilizing the research For Elephants is able to gather they are improving the welfare of elephants in zoos, increase elephant reproductive rates and health. 

How you can help make a difference?

Shop our merchandise or make a donation. 

Make a smart purchase by shopping our For Elephant t-shirts. They come in two different colors and have our logo. If you want to skip out on the shirt but still want to help, donate. You can make a one-time donation that will go back to supporting elephants. 

Go on an expedition. 

If you are looking for a hands-on way to make a difference, go on one of our expeditions. You get the chance to head out to South Africa to our laboratory and elephant conservation. You can get your hands into assistant within field research. 

Plus, you can listen and experience the elephants around you. This expedition is perfect for gaining unique and invaluable experiences. The experience has been known to strengthen your academic, career and personal goals. 

      Share the message! 

Do not forget to spread awareness. Tell your friends and family about the danger that elephants are in and how they can help. You can share our website or social media posts with them. 

Stay tuned every Wednesday to learn more about the world’s largest mammals and their stories in our blog. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

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