Learn about our partnership with Elephants Alive.

What is Elephants Alive?

What is Elephants Alive?

Research and conservation is a core mission of For Elephants. A partnership between For Elephants and Elephants Alive is critical in helping further research and conservation efforts for the population to increase and avoid extinction. Our team wants to share more about this partnership and how you can help save the elephants!

Who is Elephants Alive?

The Elephants Alive headquarters is located in South Africa but is constantly on the move. They travel and work wherever their collared elephants go. This can sometimes include crossing local and international boundaries. Elephants Alive has been around for 25 years to protect the elephant species through science and research. The partnership with For Elephants helps them work with elephants in zoos including the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo, Denver Zoo and KC zoo.

How they help


Identifying and tracking elephants has been very successful. Over 2,000+ elephants have been named and identified, and around 200+ have been collared and tracked. When identifying elephants, they observe their social behavior. Tracking elephants consists of trying to keep a herd of elephants together and guiding them to safety where they are free to roam.

Plants and Trees

By protecting iconic trees and plants, human-elephant conflict is reduced. Unplantable elephant crops are also planted. 3000+ trees are monitored for elephant impact, 300+ trees with vultures are monitored for elephant impact, 1500+ trees that dispense seeds are protected from elephant impact, one food garden, two elephant unplantable crop gardens and one medicinal plant garden.


To protect large trees, bees are used for pollination services. Not only do the bees assist with protecting trees, but they also produce honey for humans and wildlife to consume. 


Elephants Alive has been studying elephants for 25 years and making meaningful partnerships with organizations to benefit elephants and their survival. Partnerships with Elephants Alive include The Black Mambas, an all-female, anti-poaching unit that is skilled in beekeeping and permaculture. Partnerships also include 35 nonprofit organizations, five communities around protected areas and 50 corporate organizations. The goal is to show compassion to not only elephants but wildlife in general and to show how they can touch people's minds and hearts.

What For Elephants does 

Elephants are beautiful creatures that are on the brink of extinction. To fight extinction, For Elephants provides specialized reproductive care for elephants in zoos. Through donations, zoos can pay for these services. For Elephants also does work in Africa by researching elephant biology. This research helps zoos improve their management of elephants and enhance their exhibits to display what their natural biology and behaviors would be in the wild.

African elephant research

Help support elephant conservation and African elephant research by joining ‘Herd of Heroes.’ By joining this program, you can give a monthly donation of your choosing to help us provide care for elephants in zoos. The elephants will receive special care services and reproduction services to help fight extinction. Join down below!

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