Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas. 

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for elephant lovers

Valentine's Day comes around every year on February 14. It is a day where you can spread the love by giving your loved ones a meaningful gift. The hard part about this holiday is thinking of thoughtful Valentine's Day gift ideas. However, it does not have to be difficult when you consider your loved one's interests. 

For example, think about your loved one's favorite animal. If their favorite animal is an elephant, then get them an elephant-themed gift. We have gathered some Valentine's Day gift ideas that support elephant nonprofit organizations. 

Buy an elephant plushie and zoo membership

A Valentine’s Day gift that you can never go wrong with is a plushie. So why not get your loved one an elephant plushie and add a zoo membership while you are at it. Many zoos sell plushies of all their zoo animals. 

You can add a zoo membership to your gift to let your Valentine see their favorite animal in real life. Plus, you will help them support wildlife conservation. Many zoos contribute to wildlife conservation by conducting research, raising awareness and providing breeding programs that help preserve genetic diversity. 

Adopt an orphaned elephant

If you want to give your loved one a more meaningful gift, adopt an orphaned elephant from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This nonprofit organization works to protect and conserve wild habitats in Kenya. It has an Orphans' Project that helps rescue, raise and rehabilitate orphaned elephants and other animals. This project reintroduces the animals they have rescued back into protected areas. 

The reason why baby elephants need your help is that they cannot survive on their own. These animals need their mothers to provide food, protection, and learn the necessary survival skills. Many times these elephants lose their mothers due to poaching or human-elephant conflicts. Elephant nonprofit teams, like Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, save them and increase their likelihood of survival.   

Buy an elephant pen

Do you want to give your loved ones a gift that they can use every day? Then, get them a pen from Prairie Pens Studio. This shop sells handmade, wood pens and partnered with For Elephants to raise money for our mission. They are selling two kinds of pens that help raise money for our mission: For Elephants Fundraiser and For Elephants Fundraiser Slim pen. These pens are made from ash and have a gel rollerball. Twenty percent of sales will be donated to our mission. Order yours here.

Sign them up for our Herd of Heroes program

Sure, chocolates and flowers make great Valentine’s Day gifts ideas, but they do not last. Give your loved ones a gift that will last forever by signing them up for our Herd of Heroes program. This donation program allows you to give a monthly donation of your choice to help with elephant research and conservation directly. 

At For Elephants, we research elephant biology to improve the lives of elephants. Our research is helping make better-informed decisions about zoo management and exhibits so they reflect an elephant’s natural biology and behavior. By joining our donation program, you are ensuring that your loved one's favorite animal survives for many more years. 


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