Take these steps to save the elephants. 

Three ways to save elephants without spending money

As beloved elephants have come a long way, their population numbers are still declining. Currently, Asian elephants are classified as endangered along with the African forest elephants. While the African Savannah elephants are listed as vulnerable. 

If conservation actions are not taken, we could lose elephants forever. We want to share three steps to save elephants without spending a penny. 

Why are elephant populations declining?

Ivory poaching 

Poaching is a big threat to elephants, especially African Elephants. Currently, there is an International Ivory trade ban. However, the United States, UK, Thailand and Japan have markets where it is legal to sell ivory that is antique or that comes from a legal source.  Although this ban is in place, the poaching still continues. Research shows that ivory poaching has doubled since 2007. About 20,000 elephants are being poached each year in Africa

Habitat loss 

Another big threat for elephants in the wild right now is habitat loss. Both African and Asian elephants are losing their habitats due to deforestation and growing human populations. This situation has caused elephants to come into conflict with humans. When elephants have no space, they can wander into crops or villages where they can get hurt, or they can hurt humans. 

Not self-sustaining in zoos 

Elephants in zoos are at risk of captive extinction in zoos due to their increased infertility rates. Currently, there are more deaths than births of elephants in captivity (three births vs. five deaths annually). 

Three steps to save elephants without spending money

Sign a petition 

Petitions are a written request to address an issue to a government official. Signing a petition does not require you to make a payment. Most of today’s petitions can be found and signed online. There are various petitions that your family, friends and yourself can sign to help save elephants. 

One petition you can sign was created to stop wildlife crime by the World Wildlife Fund. This petition works to stop poaching that is declining elephant, rhino and tiger populations.  It is currently looking to reach 750,000 signatures. You can sign it here

Spread the word

Spreading awareness is one simple way to educate the public about issues. It costs nothing to raise awareness. You probably already have social media accounts where you can retweet or reshare posts from your favorite wildlife conservation organizations. This gives your followers/friends a chance to learn and share it with others, thus increasing awareness. 

You spread awareness by word of mouth. However, you also have social media to spread awareness. You can share news articles, create a post or even share events of elephant nonprofits that are working towards saving elephants. 

Follow elephant nonprofits 

Speaking of resharing posts, another way to save elephants is by following your local zoo, elephant conservations, sanctuaries and nonprofit organizations. By following and interacting with these accounts, you can help raise awareness. Do not be afraid to encourage others to follow these accounts.

Here is a list of elephant nonprofit organizations taking steps to save elephants: 

You can also help For Elephants spread awareness of our mission by following For Elephants on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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