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Six wildlife shows to watch on Netflix and Disney +

Six wildlife shows to watch on Netflix and Disney +

Experiencing animals living in their natural habitat isn’t a luxury everyone gets to experience. The next best thing is watching a show that gets up close and personal with these animals, showing their daily lives and showing how they interact. Streaming services have allowed us to get timely movies and shows on current topics, including animal conservation, wildlife and nature. 

Amazing animal documentaries to watch

If you want to learn more about wildlife, animal conservation, nature, or all of the above, watching a wildlife show is a good place to start! They are educational and give you the ability to see and experience things through a lens you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Not sure what to watch? Our team has recommendations on six wildlife shows to watch on Netflix and Disney +.


Our Great National Parks (2022)

This TV series is a five-part documentary that covers the world's most popular national parks and the animals that live there. A familiar voice narrates this documentary, Barack Obama, who guides you through the national parks in Chilean, Patagonia; Tsavo, Kenya; Monterey, California; and Gunung Leuser, Indonesia. See stunning cinematography of the animals and national parks and turn off your TV-inspired to make the planet a better place.

Animal (2022)

Get cozy and enjoy two seasons of Animal. Each episode covers a different animal, from big cats to dolphins, and you get a deep dive into each of their lives. There is a storytelling element to this series - you follow an animal's families and their adventures throughout the show. This immersive experience shows animals around Brazil and Canada and is narrated by celebrities like Bryan Craston, Pedro Pascal, Rashida Jones and Rebel Wilson.

Wild Babies (2022)

If learning about animal development and lifestyles is something that interests you, then Wild Babies is the series for you! You get to see the birth, lifecycle, and upbringing of each animal like never before. This series highlights survival skills, friendships, and struggles that each character endures. This is a unique experience because you get to see the life cycle of each animal and how it does growing up in the wild.

Disney +

Disneynature’s Polar Bear (2022)

Have you ever wondered about the trials and tribulations a polar bear mother might encounter? This film follows a new polar bear mother who has to navigate through her new life of motherhood and how to care for her new cub.

Disneynature’s Bear Witness (2022)  

If you watched Disneynature’s Polar Bear, then this will be a great watch! This film takes a look at what went into the filming of Polar Bear and what the crew had to endure in order to capture a look of these creatures in their natural habitat.

Disneynature’s Elephant (2020)

We couldn’t make this list without recommending an elephant show! Disneynature’s Elephant follows an African Elephant and her son who trek hundreds of miles from the Kalahari Desert from the Okavango delta to the Zambezi river.

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