Four ways you can save the world's elephants!

Updated: How you can help save the elephants

The beloved elephants that you see at your zoo are at risk of being lost forever. As of right now, African elephants are listed as vulnerable and Asian elephants are endangered. 

Scientists have predicted that if things do not change for African elephants, they could go extinct in the next couple of decades. It is not too late to take action on saving the elephants. Here are a few ways on how to save elephants right now.

Support the stop of elephant poaching

One of the reasons why elephants are being killed is due to their ivory. For Asian and African elephants, these tusks have helped them survive. Tusks help elephants dig holes, lift objects, gather food and defend themselves. 

As valuable as tusks are to elephants, they are also valuable to some humans. Poachers hunt down elephants for their tusks and thus have reduced the elephant population. 

The World Elephant Day nonprofit reports that around 400,000 African elephants are remaining due to poaching. In contrast, less than 40,000 Asian elephants are remaining worldwide. 

Usually, adult elephants are the ones being poached because they have larger tusks. If a mother elephant is killed, it leaves the baby elephant (calf) orphaned and abandoned. Calves need their mothers to survive

How to save elephants starts by supporting the stop of ivory demand and wildlife trade. You can sign this pledge from the World Wildlife Fund to stop wildlife crime. 

Choose ethical wildlife tours 

Elephant tourism can be controversial, but there are tours where you can see wild elephants in their natural habitats without causing harm. When choosing a wildlife tour, choose one that respects the animals' space and does not get touchy

At For Elephants, we do expeditions that allow you to observe elephants in the wild and assist with hands-on research. This expedition takes place in three locations: 

Members of this expedition will get the chance to see the wonders of nature and listen to elephants within reach. You will gain valuable experience that strengthens your academic, career and personal goals. Learn more about our expeditions here.

Donate to elephant nonprofits

Another way on how to save elephants is by donating. There are elephant nonprofits that dedicate their time to saving elephants by conducting research and improving elephants' lives. 

For example, at For Elephants, we are conducting African elephant research to improve zoo elephants' reproductive rates and quality of life. Currently, zoo elephants' infertility rate has gone from 22 percent to 45 percent over a seven-year period. 

You can support our African elephant research by making a monthly donation or shop our apparel. Every purchase goes to fund our research and help the elephants in our care. 

Here is a list of other elephant nonprofits that you can support:

Spread awareness 

Not many people are aware of how and why elephant populations are declining. Educating your friends and family on why we need to save the elephants is an important step. Spreading awareness about saving elephants can be as easy as sharing a social media post. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates and information on protecting the elephants. 

Support our African elephant research

You can support our research and mission by joining the “Herd of Heroes” and make a monthly donation of your choice. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest news about our journey to saving the elephants! 

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