Here is how to save elephants from where ever you are in the world! 

How you can help save the elephants

How to save elephants

You are probably asking yourself, what impact do elephants have on you? Elephants, just like their size, have a massive effect on the environment. They are significant contributors to adding biodiversity in the environment. Elephants are helping defend against climate change

Elephants dig holes for water that in return, help provide water for other animals. By eating vegetation, they allow new plants to grow and expand. Elephants also help disrupt seeds across lands. As you can see, elephants have a significant effect on the environment. Here is how to save elephants. 

Stop the trade of ivory

One way you can help to save the elephants is by supporting the ban of the ivory trade. Currently, the United States, UK and Japan have markets where it is legal to buy and sell ivory items. Raising awareness and supporting bands can help stop poachers from killing elephants. 

Responsibly observe them

Elephant tourism can be controversial, but there are tours where you can see these majestic creatures in nature without causing harm. Choose an expedition that is provided by trusting the organizations and do not disturb the elephant’s habitat! 

At For Elephants, we do expeditions that allow you to observe and assist with hands-on research in the Elephant Research laboratory at Elephants alive! You will get to see them in their natural habitat and help save them! Here’s more information about our expeditions. 


Any donation, even a dollar, makes a massive difference in helping keep elephants alive. For Elephants, will use that money towards our research to keeping elephants alive. Make your donation here. 

You can also contribute to our mission by purchasing For Elephant t-shirts. They are comfy and help raise awareness. Plus, everyone in the family can rock them! 

Educate others 

If you are looking for another way on how to save elephants, you can contribute by educating others. Many people do not know the impact that elephants have on the environment and other species. It can be easy as sharing our social media posts or blogs to your friends and family. 

Do not leave saving the elephants for another day! Contact For Elephants to get the first steps to saving the elephants.


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