How elephants interact with humans in the wild and in captivity.

How elephants interact with humans

Humans and elephants have been known to have an interesting relationship. Lots of people have love and respect for these large creatures, while others hunt and hurt them for their ivory. While elephants are giant creatures, they also have an understanding of humans. When humans gain an elephant's respect, elephants will return it as well. These wild animals, as most are, can be violent but have a personality that allows them to bond with humans. The For Elephants, elephant nonprofit team, wants to share with you how elephants interact with humans. 

Elephants’ relationship with humans

Elephants can be tamed but not domesticated. As seen in zoos elephants, in captivity are cared for by humans and sometimes can even form a bond. These large creatures are found to be friendly and compliant with humans. 

How they bond with and understand humans

Elephants are very intelligent creatures. They can distinguish between the human language and understand if a man or woman is speaking. Verbal communication isn’t the only form of communication elephants are familiar with. They are also able to understand body language with humans. When humans use pointing gestures, they can comprehend what is expected of them. 

How elephants interact with humans in the wild

In conservations, elephants have become accustomed to seeing humans in their daily life. This helps them see humans not as a threat and as an aid to their existence. They can acknowledge that humans are there to help source food and water, which increases their gentle behavior.

How elephants interact with humans while in captivity

Elephant zookeepers spend lots of time with these creatures. The elephant's behavior and health can be closely monitored by handlers. Enrichment activities are also encouraged to make sure each elephant has a positive view of the zookeepers. Elephants in zoos are able to understand that humans and handlers care for them and provide them with the necessary care they need to survive. Their environments are made to reflect their natural habitat in the wild, but routine care is also needed to ensure the elephant population can thrive once again.

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