Use our gift guide to find the perfect gift for an elephant lover!

Holiday gift ideas for elephant lovers

Elephants are beloved by many people around the world. Some people love them because of their caring nature or intelligence. Sadly, due to poaching, deforestation and human encroachment, these animals are at risk of being lost forever. 

African savanna elephants and Asian elephants are categorized as endangered. As for African forest elephants, they are critically endangered. That is why many nonprofits are working together to save these animals from extinction. 

If you are looking for a meaningful and impactful gift for an elephant lover in your life this holiday season, check out this list of gift ideas that support African elephant conservation groups

Gift ideas for elephant lovers

An elephant t-shirt and hoodie

You can never have too many t-shirts and hoodies. An elephant t-shirt or hoodie is an excellent way for elephant lovers to showcase their love for elephants. Choose a clothing piece that directly benefits African elephant conservation groups to make the gift extra special. 

At For Elephants, we have elephant t-shirts and hoodies for sale that help fund our elephant research. Every dollar of your purchase supports our work and research in improving the lives of elephants everywhere. Check out our online store here to order yours.

An elephant necklace 

Skip the heart-shaped jewelry this year and get an elephant lover in your life a more meaningful necklace. Tiffany & Co. has a unique jewelry collection called Tiffany Save the Wild that supports wildlife conservation efforts.

This jewelry company gives 100 percent of its profits made from these designs to the Wildlife Conservation Network. They have a full range of animal designs, including elephant-shaped necklaces that are an ideal gift for someone who loves elephants.

A box of elephant-friendly tea

You are probably wondering, what does tea have to do with elephants? Well, the production of tea impacts Asian elephants. Project Elephant reports that eight to ten Asian elephant deaths are results from falls in tea garden trenches. 

To help prevent the death of Asian elephants, some tea companies are improving tea farming practices. One of those is the Elephant Origins. They produce high-quality tea from certified elephant-friendly farms. Not only are bags of these teas perfect gift ideas for elephant lovers, but it is also saving Asian elephants. 

A zoo membership

If an elephant lover is lucky enough to live in a city with elephants in their zoo, buy them a zoo membership. Not only will they be able to visit their favorite animal all year round, but they also support their conservation. Zoos help wildlife through conservation efforts, educating the general public and providing research to save species. Here are some of the U.S. zoos that have African and Asian elephants. 

Adopt a baby elephant

Baby elephants need their mothers to survive in the wild. However, due to poaching, these mothers get killed and leave their babies orphaned. Without their mothers, a baby elephant will end up dying. 

African elephant conservation groups, like Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, save orphaned elephants and provide them with proper care until they are old enough to survive. This organization allows you to adopt orphans and receive updates as the elephant grows. Adopt a baby elephant for Christmas here

Sign them up to the Herd of Heroes program

Want them to feel like they are helping the elephants all year round? Sign them up for our Herd of Heroes program. This program allows people to make a donation of their choice every month that supports our research and conservation efforts. You can make these donations under their name and give them the satisfaction of helping to save the elephants from extinction.