Use our gift guide to find the perfect gift for an elephant lover!

Holiday gift ideas for elephant lovers

It is the holiday shopping season again! Time to find a thoughtful gift for everyone in your life. Are you struggling to find the right gift for a wildlife lover? 

For that friend or family member who loves elephants, find a thoughtful gift that directly supports elephant nonprofits. Use this gift guide to find the perfect gift for someone who likes elephants. 

Elephant t-shirts or hoodies

You can never have too many t-shirts and hoodies. An elephant t-shirt or hoodie is an excellent way for elephant lovers to showcase their love for elephants. To make the gift extra special, choose a clothing piece that directly benefits elephant conservation and elephant nonprofits. 

At For Elephants, we have elephant t-shirts for sale that help fund our elephant research. Every dollar of your purchase supports our research to find the best conservation practices to improve elephants' reproductive and mortality rates in zoos.  Shop our elephant t-shirts and hoodies here. 

Elephant shaped-necklace 

Skip the heart-shaped jewelry this year and get an elephant lover in your life a more meaningful necklace. Tiffany & Co. has a unique jewelry collection called Tiffany Save the Wild that supports wildlife conservation efforts.

This jewelry company gives 100 percent of its profits made from these designs to the Wildlife Conservation Network. They have a full range of animal designs, including elephant-shaped necklaces that are an ideal gift for someone who likes elephants.

Elephant bracelet 

If your elephant lover is not a necklace kind of person, give them an elephant bracelet instead. DivinityLA is a team of Los Angeles artisans who create handmade bracelets, including an elephant bracelet

What makes these bracelets unique is that they use raw materials and donate a portion of each sale to organizations. DivinityLA donates 10 percent of their profits made from the elephant bracelet to the International Elephant Foundation

Elephant-friendly tea 

You are probably wondering, what does tea have to do with elephants? Well, the production of tea impacts Asian elephants. Project Elephant reports that eight to ten Asian elephant deaths are results from falls in tea garden trenches. 

To help prevent the death of Asian elephants, some tea companies are improving tea farming practices. One of those is the Elephant Origins. They produce high-quality tea from Certified Elephant Friendly farms. A bag of their tea is a sweet and perfect gift for some who likes elephants.

A membership to a zoo

If an elephant lover is lucky enough to live in a city with elephants in their zoo, buy them a zoo membership. Not only will they be able to visit their favorite animal all year round, but also support their conservation. Zoos help the wildlife through conservation efforts, educating the general public and providing research to save species. Here are some of the U.S. zoos that have African and Asian elephants. 

Want to support elephant nonprofits?

If you are looking for another way to support elephants all year round, join the “Herd of Heroes.” You make a monthly donation of your choice to support our research to save the elephants around the world through research, community and education. Be sure to also sign-up for our newsletter down below!

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