Find out how you can help the wildlife this Earth Day.

Help the wildlife this Earth Day

Our planet is full of interesting and unique species of plants and animals. A lot of these species are being threatened by the acts of humans. This Earth Day our elephant nonprofit team wants to acknowledge what we can do to help save wildlife and prevent them from extinction.

Why does wildlife need your help

More endangered species

Wildlife conservation is important and has been a hot topic as of recently. Animals are threatened and in order for future generations to experience the same wildlife we do, we have to be more conscientious about what we do as humans and how it affects the animals around us. To have a healthy functioning ecosystem, plants and animals are the foundation. Due to the increasing number of endangered species is a sign that ecosystems are at a greater risk of falling apart. 

Losing homes

Loss of habitat is the leading cause for 85% of threatened animal species. Land conservation, mining, lumber and agriculture are the main reasons why wildlife habitats are compromised by humans. We can help replenish the loss we’ve caused by planting native trees and plants, creating water sources to provide food, water, and cover to raise wildlife.

Ways to protect wildlife

Go paperless

There are over 100 million trees cut down to produce paper every year. A lot of that goes to junk mail, going paperless can save trees from being cut, save habitats for animals and deforestation threats.

Plastic conscious

We’ve all seen the pictures of the turtle with a plastic straw in its nose. If that doesn’t convince you to be more plastic conscious, then try using reusable grocery bags when you shop in bulk and use reusable water bottles instead of plastic. The little things count and make a big difference!

Switch light bulbs

This simple task is often looked past. Replace your regular lightbulb with a compact fluorescent lightbulb, this is the equivalent to removing a one million cars off of the streets.

Reusable mugs and bottles

Plastic water bottles are a common culprit when it comes to littering and pollution of the land and ocean. Use a stainless steel bottle to help keep the earth clean!

Used items

There are many benefits to shopping used, you’re helping the environment and your wallet. Shopping secondhand reduces the amount of waste going into landfills, reduces pollution, saves natural resources, and decreases our water usage.

Herd of Heroes 

Earth Day is once a year, but with Herd of Heroes you can donate monthly! Become a member and make a contribution of your choosing to help elephants and wildlife through research, conservation and education.

Elephant nonprofit

Celebrate Earth day and make a difference with a donation no matter the size. This can be a one-time donation of any amount and is greatly appreciated!

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