Elephant's ears are 4 to 6 feet long and 4 feet wide! What are the benefits of having such large ears? 

Fun facts about elephant’s ears!

Did you know the average length for an African Elephant’s ears are 4 to 6 feet long and 4 feet wide! Yup, those large ears are imperative to the African Elephant’s daily life and routines.

What are the benefits of having large ears? 

Keep themselves cool

As humans, we have air conditioning, swimming pools and other methods to cool ourselves off but African Elephants either live in the Savanna or Forest of Africa! When we are hot as humans, besides the man made cooling off methods, our bodies sweat to help keep us cool; however, an elephant does not sweat and with the average African Elephant being around 14,000 pounds, this animal produces a lot of heat in a hot climate! 

This is where the African Elephant ears help to keep the animal cool! The elephants need a way to cool themselves off, so why not use their ears! An elephant’s ears are made up of thousands of blood vessels that are thin and close to the skin. This helps to the temperature around their ears cooler. The African Elephant ears are the first line of defense against their hot climate! 

Signify their difference from other elephants 

The African Elephants ears are a clear distinction to tell them apart from other elephants in conservation. As stated above, the African Elephant has large ears that extend above their shoulders, but their cousins, the Asian Elephant have much smaller ears. The Asian Elephant has smaller ear size but the shape can be similar to African elephants. So, the next time you are at a zoo or animal conversation system, the larger the ears means it is an African Elephant! 

Long-distance hearing 

Can you hear us now? The African Elephant might be able to! It is suggested that the African Elephant’s large ears are due to the exact purposes we would think, to hear! This elephant’s ears allow them to hear up to six miles away from their current location, for an extremely healthy elephant, for most they can hear up to two and a half miles away! 

Can you imagine if humans could hear two and a half to six miles away at a time? That would be overwhelming in the city! 


All elephants have their own languages and vocals for different scenarios. The communication between two elephants or long-distance rumbles can be heard to warn others or for mating purposes. When you can hear two and a half to six miles away at a time, you need to know the rest of the pack is safe!

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals who can distinguish between languages! An African Elephant knows the  difference between human languages and accents to let them learn who is a threat or a friend! 

It is not an underestimation to say that the African Elephant is one fascinating mammal! For more information on this mammal, please read our blog

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