Here is how you can give back to us this holiday season! 

Four ways to donate to For Elephants this holiday season

The holiday season has arrived! Soon the holiday music will be blaring, and lights will be twinkling everywhere you go. November and December are known for shopping and gift-giving. However, they are also big months for giving back to the community. reports that 84 percent of Americans feel more charitable during holidays and give back to the community. 

If you want to support elephants, then one charity you should consider donating to this holiday season is For Elephants. We are a nonprofit organization that conducts African elephant research and provides expertise and resources to people that want to do their part to help elephant conservation. 

Why do elephants need your help?

Elephants have grown to become one of the world’s most beloved animals. Some people are drawn in by their cuteness, intelligence, and ability to develop deep bonds. As loved as elephants are, they are at risk of being lost forever. 

Currently, African forest elephants are listed as critically endangered. African savanna elephants and Asian elephants are listed as endangered. If action is not taken, wildlife experts predict that African elephants could be extinct by 2040

What is causing elephant populations to decline? Some top causes for elephant population declines include poaching, habitat loss, human-elephant conflicts and increased infertility rates of zoo elephants. 

How does For Elephants support elephants

One of the top conservation strategies for African elephants in zoos that we are helping with is researching elephants’ reproductive cycle. Through our use of endocrine (hormone) research to study female elephants' reproduction cycle to improve their fertility rates. This research also helps improve the health and welfare of elephants in zoos across the country. 

Ways to donate to For Elephants to help African elephant research

Buy an elephant t-shirt or hoodie

If you are looking for holiday gifts for elephant lovers, buy them an elephant t-shirt and hoodie that are helping save elephants. We have t-shirts in several colors and sizes perfect for the whole family. If you are looking for something cozier, we also sell hoodies. Every dollar of your purchases supports our African elephant research.

Use the Together A Greater Good App

The Together A Greater Good app is a fundraising app that allows people to give back to their favorite charities without spending an extra dime while doing their everyday purchases and activities. How it works is you download the free TAGG app and then submit photos of your receipts at hundreds of local merchants who will donate to your cause of choice - like us!

Make us your charity of choice on AmazonSmiles 

If you are an avid Amazon holiday shopper, make your purchase a little more meaningful this holiday season by selecting us for your AmazonSmile charity of choice. This program donates to us at zero cost to you. How it works is you start shopping at and then choose For Elephants, Inc. as your charity of choice. It is that easy!

Join the Herd of Heroes

Do you want to make a monthly donation? Consider joining our Herd of Heroes program. This donation program allows you to make a monthly donation of your choice to support elephants by helping us fund our research. Join today!

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