These are the five things you can do this year to help save wildlife.

Five things to do all year round to help wildlife

The things you do every single day impact your health, mental wellbeing and even wildlife. Yes, what you do every day can influence our planet’s animals, plants and habitats. It can come down to the products you buy and what you share on social media. If you want to support wildlife all year round, do these five things to support wildlife conservation organizations

Ways to protect wildlife 

Buy rainforest friendly products

One ecosystem that many animals call their home is the rainforest. To get an idea, around 10 million species of animals, plants and insects live in our planet’s rainforests. There are many rainforests around the world, but some of the largest ones are in South America, Africa and Asia. 

Sadly due to deforestation, logging, agriculture, mining and oil extractions, many rainforests are being destroyed and leaving species homeless. You can protect rainforests by being cautious about the products you buy. Look for products that are rainforest-friendly

Spread wildlife conservation awareness

Wildlife conservation is a term used to describe the practice of protecting animals, plants and habitats. Protecting wildlife is especially important when it comes to endangered species. As of the end of 2021, there are 41,415 species on the IUCN Red List, and 16,306 species that are listed are classified as threatened with extinction. 

Raising awareness about the conservation of these species is one way to save them from extinction. You do not need to be a wildlife expert to raise awareness. Anyone can spread awareness by sharing a post, video or image from wildlife conservation organizations like us. If you want to keep up with elephant news, you can follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or follow these African elephant conservation groups on Instagram

Visit a zoo

A very easy way to support wildlife conservation is by visiting your local zoo. These organizations educate the general public about wildlife, conduct research, and protect endangered species. Do not forget that zoos are open all year round. You should visit a zoo during the winter. 

Although many outdoor exhibits are closed for the safety of animals that live in warm climates, like elephants. What happens to zoo elephants during cold weather? These animals are placed in indoor exhibits where they can feel comfortable, but they are also allowed to explore the outdoors if they want to. 

Make a donation 

There are tons of wildlife conservation organizations around the world working to save animals through conservation efforts, rehabilitation and research. These organizations are funded by donations. They are always in need of donations. So make it a goal this year to make a donation to your favorite wildlife organization. 

If you want to help save elephants, consider donating to us. We are a nonprofit organization based in Nebraska helping improve the lives of zoo and wild African elephants. You can donate by purchasing one of our shirts, hoodies, mugs or joining the Herd of Heroes. This program allows you to make a monthly donation of your choice. You can join our herd down below!

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