This is how artificial intelligence is helping save elephants!

Artificial intelligence and elephant conservation

Technology can now help you find the nearest restaurant that has your favorite food and have it delivered to you by speaking to your smart speaker or phone. Did you know that the same technology is being used to help save species from extinction? Our wild elephant conservation team wants to share how AI technology is helping elephant conservation efforts. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine to simulate human intelligence. These machines are programmed to think and act like humans. Devices with this intelligence have capabilities to learn from past experiences and reason with the help of algorithms. 

Right now, artificial intelligence is being used all over the world. It is used in a wide range of industries to improve humans' performance and efficiency without the need of other humans. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for virtual assistants, chatbots, flying, healthcare and wildlife conservation, just to name a few. 

The issues that elephants are facing

Some species of wildlife are at risk of being lost forever if no action is taken. Elephants are one of those species that are facing population declines. Asian elephants are currently listed as endangered, while African elephants are listed vulnerable

Elephant populations in Africa and Asia are declining due to loss of habitat, poaching and conflicts with humans. The forests and Savannahs where elephants live are shrinking in size due to deforestation and human encroachment. 

With the increased population of humans in these areas has also led to human and elephant conflicts. This can result in elephants raiding crops and villages that could put elephants' and humans' lives at risk. Not to mention, poachers are hunting down elephants for their tusks that have ivory. 

How AI is helping elephant conservation 

Technology over the years has advanced to levels that were never thought possible. Nowadays, technology like artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to help wildlife conservation. Save the Elephants is working with WildMe to use AI technology to understand and protect elephants. 

AI is being used to analyze the thousands of photos from the aerial surveys that help count the number of elephants in the wild. It has also been used to create an algorithm that detects stress and night activity in near-real-time. This helps wildlife sanctuaries or park managers protect the areas by giving them a head start to move if the elephants are in danger. 

Other organizations that are also using AI for wild elephant conservation are the Conservation Metrics and the Elephant Listening Project. The Elephant Listening Project gathered the data that helped the Conservation Metrics develop an AI that detects elephants' low-frequency calls. 

This new AI technology helps park managers from Nouabale-Ndoki National Park be altered to threats faster and help save elephants from poachers. The African forest elephant populations have decreased over the years. In 2011, there were 100,000 African forest elephants, and now there are less than 400,000 today. 

Want to learn more about wild elephant conservation? 

Let the For Elephants, Inc. teach your organization or school about the importance of wildlife conservation through our formal or informal presentations. Contact us to learn more!

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