The elephant ecosystem not only plays a huge part in the animal kingdom but also in the environment. 

African elephants impact on the environment

What do you do to help save the environment? Perhaps, you recycle your plastic and paper. Maybe you only use metal straws to drink. Or reduce your use of plastic water bottles by carrying your water in a hydro flask. You might also want to add saving elephants to your saving the environment list! 

Elephants aren’t just cute looking animals. The elephant ecosystem plays a huge part in the world. From keeping carbon levels down to increasing the biodiversity in plants, these large creatures are saving the environment one step at a time. 


Elephants are helping combat climate change. 

Believe it or not, elephants are doing their part to help fight climate change. According to recent research, it has been found that elephants are assisting forests in storing more carbon. How is this possible you may ask? Well, these elephants stomp their way around forests stepping on small trees that could become a competition to larger trees. 

By eliminating smaller trees, larger trees can continue to grow in diameter and total biomass. These types of trees tend to live for extended periods and can store large amounts of carbon. The elephant ecosystem is helping combat climate change around the world! Losing them to extinct could bring adverse effects to the environment. 


Elephants create water sources.

When you're large, creating holes in the ground is no problem. Take elephants, for instance; they use their size to create holes in the field to find water. During droughts, elephants will start to dig holes with their trunks to find water that might be stored underground. Sometimes they even enlarge waterholes to bathe. 

Elephants aren't just helping the environment but also other species. Those water holes that they create become water sources for other species. These holes are essential, especially during droughts in the savannah. Without elephants, some species wouldn't have access to water in their time of need. 


Elephants disperse seeds. 

Elephants spend a lot of time eating. To be exact, they spend 12 to 18 hours a day eating. Since they eat so much, they're always moving and find new food sources. These magnificent creatures can walk about 121 miles per day! With all that traveling they're also helping despires seeds. 

Along their way to next locations, elephants are leaving dung on the ground that contains seeds. Those seeds will eventually grow in new locations where they weren’t before. Thus, they create new vegetation and homes for other animals. Elephants are responsible for helping maintain the genetic diversity of trees in the African savannas and forests. 

As you can tell from above, elephants play a critical role in the world's environment. They do everything from providing water sources to fight climate change. Keeping them alive should be everyone's mission. That is why at For Elephants, we're taking bold steps to ensure they don't go extinct in the wild or zoos. You can help, too, by making a small donation to support our research or shop our comfy t-shirts. 

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