Here are five must-watch wildlife documentaries to binge and learn why elephant conservation is critical!

5 Must-Watch Wildlife Documentaries

As humans, we should be concerned about preserving and protecting animals, plants and their habitats. Protecting wildlife will ensure that future generations can enjoy it for many more years to come.

Why is wildlife conservation important?

From the smallest plants to the largest animals, every living thing plays a role in an ecosystem. When an animal or plant goes extinct, it can damage an ecosystem and start to cause other species to follow that path.

For example, if elephants were to go extinct, African and Asian ecosystems would be affected. Elephants disperse seeds when they travel, thus helping to create biodiversity. Plus, they also help other creatures in finding water and creating shelter when they make holes on the ground. 

How can we protect wildlife? 

Wildlife conservation can help us protect vulnerable, threatened or endangered species. The first step to protecting wildlife starts with educating yourself and others. We need to learn and bring to people's attention what are the causes of the population decreasing. 

One of the best ways to learn about the wildlife around you is through a documentary. Here are five must-watch wildlife documentaries to binge and learn why elephant conservation is critical!

Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale 

If you're looking for an inspirational story that will make you tear up, watch “Nadeli: A Baby Elephant's Tale” on Netflix. This documentary will show you how scientists and animal keepers are fighting to save an orphaned baby elephant. It gives people a glimpse at what happens to a baby elephant after its mother passes away and how it must survive. 

Our Planet

"Our Planet" is an eight-part nature documentary that is available for streaming on Netflix. This documentary takes viewers to explore jungles, oceans, rainforests and deserts across the globe. While you get to see all the beauty around the world and the change it is going through. 

The Ivory Game

If you are looking for a documentary that shines light about the elephant ivory trade, this one is for you! "The Ivory Game" is a documentary on Netflix and is about why elephant poaching is still occurring in Africa. Also, it talks about how the killing of elephants affects elephant herds and why elephant conservation is critical. 

Night on Earth 

When nightfall comes, humans usually fall asleep to reenergize for the next day. Have you ever wondered what the wildlife does during the night? The Netflix documentary “Night on Earth" gives people a glimpse of species that roam in the darkness to eat, hunt, migrate and survive. 

Racing to Extinction

You might already know that the poaching of animals is one of the causes of decreasing animal populations. What you might not know is where the overwhelming demand for these animals is coming from? “Racing to Extinction” is a documentary that gives you behind the scenes look at the international wildlife trade. 

If you are inspired to help elephant conservation, begin by supporting For Elephants. Our nonprofit is dedicated to the survival of the world's African elephants through research, conservation and education. Help save the elephants today!

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