Here are five must-watch wildlife documentaries to binge and learn why elephant conservation is critical!

Updated: Five must-watch wildlife documentaries

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting animals, plants and habitats. Preserving wildlife is vital for biodiversity. This means that there is a variety of species in this life. Without a variety of species, there is an interruption in the ecosystem. The loss of one species affects other species in the ecosystem and could lead to more animals becoming threatened. 

Take the elephants, for example. African and Asian elephants play critical roles in their ecosystems. That is why elephant conservation groups are working to save the elephants from extinction. These massive animals distribute seeds through their habitats. This helps promote biodiversity along the savannas and forests. 

Elephants also dig holes in the ground to find water. These holes benefit the elephants and smaller animals who would not be able to create them on their own. The smaller species also drink water from the holes, and once the spot dries, they make homes out of it. 

How to take action to conserve wildlife

Wildlife conservation is about protecting all the species, especially those currently listed as vulnerable, threatened and endangered. One way you can start protecting wildlife is by educating yourself and others

By learning, you will understand each animal's important role and the causes of animal population decline. This can help you find and support solutions to improve wildlife populations. You can learn by visiting a zoo, reading a book and watching wildlife documentaries. 

Best conservation documentaries 

Here are five of the best wildlife documentaries to binge to learn about wildlife conservation. 

Akashinga: The Brave Ones

Elephant poaching is a big problem in Africa. Many elephants are killed each year for their tusks. The documentary “Akashinga: The Brave Ones” shares the story of one of the many elephant conservation groups working to protect wild African elephants. This group is special because it is a women-only team of rangers protecting their local ecosystems from poachers.

Naledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale 

If you're looking for an inspirational story that will make you tear up, watch "Nadeli: A Baby Elephant's Tale" on Netflix. This documentary will show you how scientists and animal keepers are fighting to save an orphaned baby elephant. It gives people a glimpse at what happens to a baby elephant after its mother passes away and how it must survive.

Night on Earth 

When nightfall comes, humans usually fall asleep to be energized for the next day. Have you ever wondered what wildlife does during the night? The Netflix documentary "Night on Earth" gives people a glimpse of how species roam in the darkness to eat, hunt, migrate and survive. 

The Ivory Game

One of the best conservation documentaries that can educate you about the ivory trade is "The Ivory Game." This documentary is on Netflix and is about why elephant poaching is still occurring in Africa. Also, it talks about how the killing of elephants affects elephant herds.

Racing to Extinction

You might already know that the poaching of animals is one of the causes of decreasing animal populations. You might not know where the overwhelming demand for these animals is coming from. “Racing to Extinction” is a documentary that gives you a glimpse into what is happening with the international wildlife trade and how it is affecting millions of animals. 

Support the research of elephant conservation groups

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