Start saving the elephants!

10 ways you can save the elephants

Do you love elephants as much as we do? We got you covered check out these 10 ways to save elephants that anyone can do! 

1. Support the ban of the ivory trade

Poaching is a growing problem because it’s reducing the elephant population! According to the WWF, there is an estimate that 20,000 African elephants are killed each year. That is an average of 55 a day! Save the elephants by supporting the ban on ivory trade!

2. Choose elephant-friendly coffee

Yes, you can save elephants by switching your coffee choices. There are coffee plantations that deforest an elephant's habitat. This deforestation leaves elephants without homes and leads them to get into conflict with humans. Switch to fair trade coffee options. 

3. Choose ethical tours 

Elephants are sometimes abused for profit. These magnificent creatures are taken from the wild, held captive and mistreated to bring in tourism. Don’t choose these kinds of tours. Pick ethical elephant tours that allow you to experience elephants in the wild and don’t harm them. 

4. Think before you post an elephant photo

If you are lucky enough to take an ethical elephant tour, don’t geotag your photos. Sharing the location of your elephant selfie is putting these animals endangered. Conservation experts have discovered that poachers are using geotags to hunt down elephants. 

5. Buy elephant-friendly honey 

Elephants will not come close to where the bees are located. So, villages use bee walls to protect their area from wandering elephants without harming them. You can help these villages and elephants by purchasing elephant-friendly honey. 

6. Support elephant sanctuaries

Elephant sanctuaries are wildlife areas that are closed and protected to keep them safe. These areas are created to help keep poachers from killing elephants. They also help reduce human and elephant conflicts. You can help by donating to these areas or choosing them for ethical tours. 

7. Adopt an elephant

Baby elephants need their mothers for milk and to learn survival instincts. There are times when poachers kill the mother elephants. This leaves baby elephants (calves) as orphans. There are conservations like David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that take in these calves and prepare them for the wild. You can help these elephant calves return to the wild by adopting one! 

8. Choose elephant-friendly tea 

Tea plantations are affecting elephants. Elephants use tea gardens as a rest stop, land markers and birthing spots. These plantations can be dangerous for elephants too. These animals have died from pesticide poisoning, electrocutions or falling into a drainage trench. You can protect the elephants by purchasing elephant-friendly tea. 

9. Share your support 

One of the top 10 ways to save elephants is simply by sharing your knowledge about elephants with family and friends. Follow non-profit organizations on social media to stay up to date on the latest elephant news. Or, there is always the option of wearing one of our elephant t-shirts that can help start conversations and raise awareness. 

10. Support elephant research 

There is elephant research being done to help save the elephants in the wild and zoos. At For Elephants, we’re using science to improve the elephants in zoos to prevent captive extinction. For the elephants in the wild, we are working with Elephants Alive to help conservation efforts that support both the elephants and the people of South Africa. Donate to our research! 

If you would like to learn more ways than these 10 ways to save elephants, contact us

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