For Elephants, Inc. is based in Omaha, Nebraska and Nebraska values are core to our mission.

The Mission

“For Elephants, Inc.” is dedicated to the survival of the world’s African elephants through research, conservation, and education. We take on this mission to save elephants from extinction and invite others to join us, so that we may live in a world where elephants always exist.

Why is this organization based in Nebraska?

Elephant Specialist & Founder:  Dr. Kari Morfeld

Dr. Morfeld has been conducting elephant research in Africa since 2000 and leading groups to South Africa since 2010. She received her Ph.D. from George Mason University in collaboration with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, studying elephant reproduction, welfare, health, and conservation specializing in Wildlife Endocrinology. She also has a degree in Biostatistics.

Dr. Morfeld's research emphasizes developing and implementing practical methods to promote reproduction, health, and welfare of elephants in zoos and in the wild. The For Elephants, Inc. research laboratory in South Africa is a collaboration with Elephants Alive, who has been a foundation partner for over 10 years. The For Elephants, Inc. goal is to produce scientific data that will inform management decisions in South Africa. In North American zoos, Dr. Morfeld uses her expertise in endocrine (hormone) research to study reproduction, health, and welfare to increase elephant reproductive rates and improve welfare for elephants in zoos.

What does For Elephants do?

We are built on a foundation of scientific research. Although we do the rigorous processes of sound research, the larger challenge is transforming our findings into conservation action. For Elephants conducts the science but also takes it to the next level by applying what we learn to make informed conservation changes.

We connect people with elephants – instilling an understanding of and connection to our mission. You can help. You can lead others to help. Learn more about how you can be involved in elephant research and outreach.

We talk, inspire, and empower. Locally and globally. As an inspirational and informed speaker and educator, Dr. Morfeld transfers her scientific knowledge about elephants and wild places into empowering others to improve themselves and the planet. Learn how to schedule Dr. Morfeld and For Elephants for your academic, business, or personal events.


As a nonprofit organization, For Elephants deeply values the trust that has been placed in us.  We take seriously our responsibility to those counting on our help, and to God, to be wise stewards of funds entrusted to us. We are committed to best practices in governance, accountability, and transparency. 

Team Members