what we do

Helping elephants – in zoos and in Africa- so that each elephant is given the opportunity to thrive, not just survive.     

In zoos- provide specialized reproduction and care services so each elephant gets the care it deserves.   Your donation supports these services if a zoo is unable to pay.

In Africa – conduct research on elephant biology so we can improve zoo management and exhibits to reflect elephants’ natural biology and behavior.  Every elephant deserves this.

the expeditions

Elephant Conservation Research Expedition in South Africa.

Program information

Be inspired and connect with the magic of Africa through an elephant research safari in South Africa! In a unique expedition that combines science, creativity, passion, technology, and nature, you will experience many facets of elephant conservation. From assisting with hands-on research in the field and the laboratory, to being immersed in the wonders of nature and simply watching and listening to elephants within reach. You will gain unique and invaluable experiences to strengthen your academic, career, and personal goals. The Elephant Research Expedition will inspire you in making a difference for nature and for yourself. Various research expedition types to accommodate specific interests are capabilities are available- career, student, personal, and family!

get involved

Contribute to our journey of saving elephants by shopping our merchandise, or giving a donation!

For Elephants, Inc. is extremely grateful for your support. We are writing a beautiful story on how together we are reversing the predicted extinction of elephants - your generosity makes this happen.


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